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The name of our kennel, "Valle de los Volcanos" was derived from our local environment and translated into Spanish.
Ufhausen and its surrounding districts, has several volcanic cones.
Particularly the place Ufhausen, home of our Mostin Del Pirineo kennel. This is in a valley at the foot of the Soisberg.

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We are:
My partner Ulli and My self Frank The Mastin:
Diego, Adina, Paula and the Picard ladies Daphne, Vida and Nouba.

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Our aim...

is with these beautiful breeds is to have Pyrenean Mastiffs that are capable of living happily together in a large group. And Berger Picards being able to live happily on their own with their human family.

We live...
here in rural environment between Bath Hersfeld and Fulda with our children, and our dogs. They live with us in our house, yard and garden. Our puppies are socialized in the best way... In an affectionate, family environment. The positive exposure to many children is very important in this process. Our dogs first become acquainted with the family and home environment, then are exposed to many outside elements and animals including horses, sheep, and cattle.

bei uns zu Hause bei uns zu Hause
bei uns zu Hause

effort and research we went to great expense to purchase our initial foundation bitches, and our stud dogs from different countries all over the world. Even though we have our own studs we still will use outside dogs that we feel have positive contributions to make to their breed. Often this means traveling for hundreds of kilometers to many different parts of Europe in order to obtain a mating. We strive to produce examples of our breed that are not only successful in the conformation ring, but that are also healthy and sound in body and mind.We have exported the progeny of these mating's to countries all over the world, including Sweden, Chechnya, and Australia where these dogs/bitches have been shown with success and in some of these countries used as the foundation lines for the breed.

It would...
make us happy to be able to welcome you on weekends to visit our home, and meet our Bergers and Mastin. We feel that once you meet these wonderful breeds at our home, only then will you understand their delightful and loving natures, and learn in detail the essence of these breeds. You can arrange this by emailing us or telephoning us here at home. Uli can speak English and I also am told by my Australian friends that my own English is much better than I give my self credit for...
So...please feel free to telephone.

We are member of the following associations and breed clubs: